Two(and a half)-Look Last Six Edges Method

Completed by Josef Jelinek

Prepositioning Redge & Ledge

The aim of this "step" is to put LU and RU to adjacent front or back positions. Maximum of 2 turns is requires (the average is a little above one turn).

Orienting Edges and Prepositioning Redge & Ledge

In this step, we are going to orient all six edges and simultaneously place the UL and UR edges to FD and BD positions (the order is not important). There are 24 sequences accomplishing this, part of them having mirror cases.

If you already know where the UL and UR edges are placed you need to see only front and top faces in order to recognize the current case.

Solving Remaining Edges

Having oriented all edges and prepositioned the UL and UR edges, we can solve all edges in one step. The following 24 situations can occur (mirror configurations are included). Most situations have two different sequences: one using U and M turns only and the other "free style". The latter beeing 1 turn shorter.

Only 3 adjacent faces are needed to recognize the current pattern. home

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